Why I Believe in Self-Defense

When I was in college, there were two instances that made me realize how naive I was.

The first, I was driving home from school, and as I was exiting the freeway, I noticed a big SUV cut across the freeway to get behind me. I didn’t think it was a big deal, so I kept driving home. When I got home, the same SUV stopped in front of my house and rolled down his window asking for directions.Of course I wanted to be helpful, so I walked up to his car to help. After looking at the address, I noticed he had a smartphone with maps and the house he was looking for was literally in the next neighborhood. He then said, “I’m going to be honest with you, i just thought you were cute and I really just wanted to talk to you 😱 My brother came home in that moment and the guy got nervous then drove away. Later that day, I came back out to find he left his number on my car! Thinking back, it was actually very scary.

The second, I had just finished a night class, and had parked in the structure I was more unfamiliar with- it was dark and I was by myself. I felt someone behind me, but just figured it was another student walking to their car. I noticed the footsteps behind me got a little quieter, so I figured they found their car. A couple of seconds later, my gut told me to turn around. The guy was still behind me, just at a distance. When I looked at him, he stopped, looked flustered, turned around and walked back down the stairs. Whether he was intentionally following me or just looking for his car, I realized I had no idea what I would’ve done.

So I immediately looked for a self-defense class. Over the years I’ve learned you don’t have to be a professional fighter to start learning martial arts. Shoot, you don’t even need to learn all the martial arts, just the parts that will save your life. Women need to know what to do in sticky situations, mentally and physically.

Ever since then, I’ve been more aware and confident regardless of the situation. I haven’t felt threatened nor scared. I definitely recommend finding a self-defense class around you, because your safety is a priority.

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