How to wrap your hands like a Pro (Video)

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

If you're a boxer, or you're planning on taking any boxing/kickboxing classes, this hand wrap tutorial will help you get started. (video below)

I constantly get new students and clients stating that their hands are strong and they don’t need wrap their hands. The truth is that most hand injuries aren’t caused from one freak punch breaking your hand, though this does happen. The breakdown of your hands is a gradual and inevitable effect. The hand is not meant to hit objects and suffer the constant impact it endures during any type of consistent striking training.

After almost 12 years of Muay Thai, MMA training and fighting, my hands were battle worn and brittle. This is when I became a serious student of boxing and I finally learned how to properly wrap and take care for my hands.

After about 9-12 months of proper hand wrapping and quality lace up boxing gloves my hands healed and felt stronger than ever. I have the sport of Boxing to thank for that, more specifically my Coach Mario Angelito.

Mario immediately taught me how to wrap my hands correctly and explained the certain areas and techniques needed to protect my specific troubled areas and the standard high impact areas of the hand.

After my experience with proper hand care I was so grateful for this knowledge and how it made my hands healthier. I’ve made it my duty and pleasure to pass this information on to every fighter, student and fitness client I trained. Taking care of your hands isn’t a luxury, it is essential.

As with a lot of equipment there is a range of preference in quality of gear and style. That being said, there are some key components to hand wrapping that should never be skipped regardless of personal preference.

Hand Wrapping Essentials:

  1. Wrist wrap

  2. Thumb wrap

  3. Knuckle pad

  4. “The Hooks”

  5. “The X’s”

  6. “The Bar”

The video is a very secure way to wrap your hands to ensure maximum support for all the high impacted areas. If you have trouble spots, in general you should use a little more padding or wrap in that area for extra support or cushion.

I recommend using soft, Mexican style wraps as they mould to your hand better creating a more custom cast. I specifically use Le Roy Mexican Gauze, however, that’s requires a more advanced level of wrapping than scene in the video. If you would like to know how to do this contact me at

Zack's Product Recommendations:


Le Roy Mexican Gauze

Fairtex Handwraps (180 in)

Sanabul Boxing Handwraps (180 in)


Fairtex Velcro Gloves

Top King Gloves

Twins Gloves

Windy Gloves

Yokkao Gloves


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