Boxing with Tyler

TAKE A LOOK | Tyler's journey with boxing & Cerebral Palsy

It’s 4 pm on a Thursday, and here comes Tyler walking up the hallway of Brennan Combat Sports. Using his walker to get from the car to the door, he approaches us with a big smile. He then proceeds to greet us with a “Hello,” as he turns the corner into the gym. He immediately looks up at the TV to make sure boxing is on, and that it’s a match he wants to watch. He then quickly switches out his walker for his crutches and moves towards the hoops laid out on the floor in the middle of the room. He does a few footwork drills through the hoops, then sits down on the block for a few hand-eye coordination drills. He continues to smile as we talk about his day and the upcoming weekend.

Tyler is 12 years old and has Diplegic Cerebral Palsy. He dreams of becoming a fighter one day. Throughout his lifetime, he's had numerous surgeries on his legs, which has made walking a little challenging. Since he's so passionate about boxing, his doctor recommended he add boxing training into his post-surgery recovery routine. When he first started with Brennan Combat Sports, he wasn't able to walk or stand without his walker/crutches. Throughout his training, he’s been able to improve on his standing, walking, hand-eye coordination and strength. He’s made significant progress in this short time, and it has everything to do with his positive attitude and motivation!

Tyler is one of the most inspiring people we’ve met. He tries his best in everything he does and meets every challenge with a smile. When he decides he wants to do something, he shows the consistency and commitment it takes for him to achieve his goal. He has a passion for boxing and won't let anything stop him from doing what he loves! We've worked with many different clients throughout the years and have seen a lot of people choose to quit when the going gets tough. Not Tyler! One of the most impressive things about Tyler is that he never gives up, especially on the hardest days. There are plenty of days where he feels fatigued or frustrated, and what we're asking from him is not easy. Regardless, Tyler takes a breath and pushes through with a smile.

He is a true champion.

Zack Brennan & Tyler O'Rourke

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