How can training like a professional fighter help me?

How training like a professional fighter can change your life!

You've probably noticed that professional fighters have the most athletic looking bodies! From Amateur to Professional, these athletes demand so much from their bodies, that they need to take care of them properly in order to perform their best. Even though you may not be a professional fighter, you can still benefit from training like one!

Let's start off by explaining what it means to train like a fighter. A fighter follows a well-planned regimen of different kinds of combat, agility, speed and strength training. They then pair their training with proper nutrition to allow their bodies to perform at their best. Every fighter is different and may need to focus on one thing over another in order to improve their own "game". Remember, we are all built differently, so one size DOES NOT fit all!

Over the years, we've taken these techniques and applied them to other athletes and business professionals at all levels. Not only does training like a fighter help their overall performance, but it also teaches them how to properly take care of themselves for their overall health.

Here's how training like a professional fighter can benefit people like you & me:

1. This type of training will improve your coordination (proprioception or kinesthesia)

  • Increasing our muscle coordination and body awareness allows us to reflexively move swiftly & efficiently.

2. Your strength will improve

  • Stronger muscles can increase your joint health, posture and decrease the likeliness of injury

3. You will improve your aerobic and anaerobic conditioning

  • Better conditioning increases circulation & heart health as well as energy levels.

4. You WILL lose weight

  • Managing proper weight and body composition decreases the risk of many diseases and other health issues.

5. Improve your confidence

  • Newly earned confidence will echo throughout every aspect of your professional and personal life.

6. Develop/Improve mental toughness/resilience

7. Improve your physical toughness

  • Increasing our physical durability benefits our overall health by decreasing the risk of injury and increasing our recovery time from illness to injuries

8. Relieves STRESS

  • Training can significantly purge physical and mental stress. I mean, who needs stress?

9. Self Defense

  • Having the ability and confidence to defend yourself, family and friends from threats is a great additional benefit from martial arts training.

10. Community

  • Meeting new people with similar interests helps provide support in staying motivated and reaching your goals!

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits from training like a professional fighter! We believe that when you find the right balance of training, fun & nutrition, you can easily reach whatever goal you're striving towards. Many of our clients throughout the years have found that training like a fighter has changed their lives! They've found things like better health, all-around happiness, and more balance in their lives that they couldn't have imagined before.

Ready to get started? We recommend starting with a no-contact boxing class to get the feel of the studio & the community. After your first class, you can sit down with either myself or Zack and go over your overall health/fitness goals. If you're not sure where to start, don't worry we'll help! All of our Combat Training programs have the option to add a customized nutrition program to them. That way you can get the full experience of training like a fighter!

If you're ready, you can start by taking a look at our full schedule here:

Still have questions? Please feel free to contact us!


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