5 Safety Tips for Women

I just wanted to take a moment to share a few quick tips on how to protect yourself in a bad situation. No special physical skills required!

Home Invasion First, dial 9-1-1. Then if possible run to the kitchen. This is usually where we keep all our knives and other metal objects that you can use as weapons. You can also use these items to make a ton of noise for your neighbors to hear.

Elevator Attack We all use elevators, you know the metal box that keeps everyone nice and close to each other as you travel from floor to floor trying to avoid eye contact. Yes, these are the perfect places for someone to attack you. IF you're feeling threatened, press all the floor buttons. It's less likely the attacker will proceed if the doors keep opening. 

Street Attack If you feel threatened while walking on the street, keep moving. I know it's kind of silly to think about, but most people end up freezing. Remember, a moving target is harder to catch. If they end up getting close enough to grab you, use every part of your body to create space (elbows & knees are very effective)

Download Safety Apps Thank goodness for technology! Here are a couple apps you can download on any phone:  Stay Safe- This app lets you enter your expected travel time and route. If you don't check back with the app in time, it automatically alerts a set list of emergency contacts. My Panic Alarm - This app turns your phone into a loud flashing alarm with just one touch of an icon.

Lastly, Let Your Hair Down Wearing your hair in a ponytail or braids can make it easier for someone to grab you by the hair and control you from there. So let your hair down!

Keeping these in mind could save your life! 


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